Food & Fitness

As you may be able to imagine, my relationship with food and fitness have not always been the healthiest…

In high school, I pretty much hated working out outside the sports I played. Running seemed like torture and I wasn’t really willing to push myself in the gym.

Fast forward to my eating disorder- I was a slave to the treadmill and would only eat in a very restrictive way. CLEARLY, this did not work for me. I was deprived, tired, weak, and cold.

Now, I am finally developing a healthier view on both. 

As for food… I think food should be seen mainly as nourishment and partially as enjoyment. I say this because I think when you put too much of an emphasis on food, you may miss out on other aspects of life and become obsessed (like me). Now, I do make a conscious effort to eat foods that will nourish my body and make me feel good and healthy, but I don’t obsess and constantly plan/calculate what i’m going to eat. Although it is still difficult for me, I know my MIND is happy when I let my body have dessert sometimes! I am working on eating things I enjoy in moderation and not seeing any food as good or bad. Food is great, but there is sooo much more to life! Granted, this is sort of a food blog so I feel hypocritical saying that but evenn though I do enjoy my food, it is no longer my whole life.

Now onto fitness.. I used to think that running was the ONLY way to be “thin” and in-shape when I developed my eating disorder. Now, I do use running as my primary form of cardio but I have no problem taking a day off or trying other forms of cardio. I have come to accept that fitness doesn’t just mean going to the gym. Fitness means walking whenever you can, using the stairs, and leading an active lifestyle. Also, I feel no guilt in taking a couple rest days a week because I know my body needs it. I like to run, but I no longer feel like I need to run as fast as I can or a certain amount of miles to get in a good work out. I also am starting to try yoga, which i’m not in love with yetttt..but hopefully someday? haha. As for strength training- I definitely slack in that department but I do try to do squats, lunges, pushups, and some ab work once a week.

These views have made me SOO much happier because food and exercise are no longer my enemy.

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