Trying to make a comeback :)

28 May

after a LONG time of being lazy and unmotivated to blog, I really think I want to get into it again. I also think I might consider eventually changing the blog to private… so if anyone wants to be included in the privacy settings let me know! I think I just need your e-mail address but i’m not 100% sure.

I’m currently studying abroad in Australia and have had an amazing semester. I’ve learned a lot throughout the process and I’d love to share it on here. I also realized how much I missed this community- sometimes you just need a support system other than your closest friends and family and this is the perfect place to get it!

I hope to still post about food/fitness related things because I want this to motivate me to stay on the right track and I do feel good when i’m exercising regularly and eating well… BUT I’ve also realized that I just can’t stay sane when I’m trying to eat perfectly healthy. There is definitely a balance that needs to happen for me to feel my best and I’m still trying to figure that out.

Hope that there are still people out there who remember this blog.. I’m excited to try and get this baby going again

New Blog!!

3 Dec

This is for whoever is still out there and interested in following me… I decided to create a tumblr because I feel that it is much more manageable for me. I am really busy and so although I really want to have a wordpress blog, tumblr is much easier and I know I will be more likely to update it! I might end up blogging here again some day, but for now this is what I’ve got…

So here it is!!!!!

Thanks guys, I love you all 🙂